Warranty & Care

Old School FX pedals require little to zero regular maintenance. Just like any other electronic device, any liquids will probably damage your pedal beyond repair. Extreme exposure to sunlight could also cause discoloration of the pedal graphics. Depending on how and where you use or transport your pedal, an occasional dose of electronics-grade contact cleaner in the input/output jacks will help to ensure an uninterrupted signal path.

All Old School FX pedals come with four rubber feet mounted on the bottom of the enclosure. When mounting to a pedal board, it is advisable to remove these feet. High end velcro is recommended as cheap velcro can melt on a hot day and leave a gooey mess on your gear. Figure 8 Table Top washers can be used with screws to fasten to a board. Zip ties are another recommended way of securing your pedal to a pedal board.

All Old School FX pedals carry a lifetime warranty against workmanship to the original owner. Your new pedal is built to withstand years and years of normal use, but we are happy to correct any manufacturer defect that might arise. This warranty is not transferable in any way. Any modification or alteration to your pedal voids the warranty. If you have any issue with a pedal we will fix it, most of the time at no cost to you.  To take advantage of this, you must provide a copy of the original receipt if purchased from a dealer (if purchased from the website, we can look up your purchase). It is the owner’s responsibility for covering shipping to Old School FX. Once we have it, we will take care of everything from there. If there are any issues with parts that have failed or if the pedal has been used incorrectly or damaged, we will charge only for the parts that need to be replaced. Old School FX will cover the labor and return shipping to you, if you are within the continental USA. International customers may have to pay shipping and/or customs costs both ways, but the repair will be handled as disclosed above. No other warranties are either implied or expressed. Old School FX reserves the right to void warranties if modifications have been made , or if products are deemed to have been used improperly or damaged.