At Old School FX, we use the highest quality components and feature true bypass switching.  All pedals are populated and hand-wired in Victoria, TX (since you don’t know where that is, think Austin, TX, and then drive 120 miles south).

For any general inquiries/questions/repairs, contact me at:

Artist Sponsorship?

Old School FX is a small business and every pedal we make has an associated cost (parts, labor, day to day operations, etc.) and if we mailed out free pedals to everyone who makes a request, there would be no business. Sure, there are promises made of social media posts leading to their many fans knocking down the door to buy a pedal, but we have found that it is just easier to sell the pedals to players who truly want them and let the rest happen organically. While that free pedal is great, next week, when the next free pedal from ‘[insert next pedal company]’ arrives, it is soon forgotten, sold, or traded.

Occasionally we have blemished/b-stock enclosures and are able to offer them at a discount if available for artist sponsorships. If you’d like to inquire about a sponsorship, please email me and tell me about yourself, your band, your music, and what you are interested in. We get many requests so please allow time to hear back from me.




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