Discomfort Inn Octave Fuzz


There is something really special about a great fuzz tone, and this captures it – thick warm sustain!  You can use it to create thick wall of fuzz chords or soaring leads.  While the fuzz alone is enough of a reason to have the pedal on, you can take it over the edge by engaging the octave ring modulation in conjunction with the fuzz that will take the tone to another world.

Features & Specs

  • Volume – Master Volume Control
  • Tone – Passive Tone Control
  • Fuzz – Gain Control
  • Blue LED
  • 2nd Footswitch for added Fuzz + Octave Effect with Green LED
  • 1/4″ Input & Output
  • 2.1mm (Boss Type) 9V DC Power Input (*no internal battery)
  • True Bypass
  • Current Draw = 3.6mA



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