Dearly Departed Pre-Amp


The Dearly Departed is the ultimate tone shaping boost pedal that is perfect for stacking in front of your favorite existing drive pedals to create new, amazing tones.  Place it after your favorite existing drive pedals to better shape their response and fine tune the overall EQ.  You can also set it to your desired tone and leave it on for a bigger, fatter and more dynamic feel.  While many players see a boost pedal as just a volume increase, the Dearly Departed offers much more and no matter how you decide to use it, you will love how it enhances your tone.

Features & Specs

  • Level – Master Volume Control
  • Boost – Gain Control
  • Treble – Active Boost/Cut Control
  • Bass – Active Boost/Cut Control
  • 1/4″ Input & Output
  • Blue LED
  • 2.1mm (Boss Type) 9V DC Power Input (*no internal battery)
  • Selectable True Bypass or Buffer Bypass (internal switch)
  • Current Draw = 8.4mA


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