Chelsea Nights Tremolo



The Chelsea Nights is a simple to use, great sounding tremolo. Many tremolos have a perceived volume loss when engaged, but unlike other tremolos, the Chelsea Nights has a volume knob to offset that and give you the perfect level while on. As an added bonus, if you turn the Rate and Depth knobs to the minimum removing the tremolo effect, you can use the volume knob and turn your pedal into a gritty boost. Use it in conjunction with the tremolo to turn your sound into an overdriven tremolo. Rather than a standard LED indicator, the LED flashes at the rate of the tremolo effect.

Features & Specs

  • Level – Master Volume Control
  • Rate – Speed of Tremolo Effect
  • Depth – Depth of Tremolo Swells
  • 1/4″ Input & Output
  • Purple LED
  • 2.1mm (Boss Type) 9V DC Power Input (*no internal battery)
  • True Bypass
  • Current Draw = 1.9mA
Audio Sample