Rootless Tree
Cold Roots Rootless Tree

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Old School FX is proud to introduce the Rootless Tree, a brand new overdrive pedal for 2012. This is the perfect pedal for layering “barely there” to moderate grit on top of the clean sounds you've worked so hard to perfect. Because the Rootless Tree boosts your volume far less than the Indigenous Donkey or Fat Penguin, it adds a new tone to your sound without taking your volume over the top. It is also great for creating classic overdrive harmonics in your chords and double-stops without the extra noise. All in all, the Rootless Tree is a sonically sophisticated and tasteful overdrive that shines when playing blues and roots music.

$150 + S&H

Features & Specifications
  • Volume Knob
  • Tone Knob
  • Gain Knob
  • 1/4" Input & Outputs
  • Blue LED
  • 9V DC Power Input (*no internal battery)

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