Growing up I have always had a passion for electronics. Like most guys, I started playing guitar around the age of sixteen because I knew it would help to impress girls. Within ten years I had more guitars, amps, and pedals, than one person with just a hobby could ever need.

No matter how much equipment I bought, I always found myself more interested in the technological side of it all, rather than playing. Being in the spot light wasn't for me...I got more enjoyment being behind a soundboard. After coming to terms that I was never going to be an amazing guitarist, I went with the next best thing; the thing I truely loved.

I started using schematics for 60's and 70's era pedals to build effect pedals and tube amps. Once I learned the art of it and was confident with the pedals I had built, I let friends borrow them to take on the road and into the studio. Finally I was able to see the fruits of my labor being used by real musicians. At this point I discovered how great these pedals and amps sounded when played by someone much better than me. After a while, word got around and people started asking me if I could make something for them. To make a long, boring story short, this is how I ended up at this point.

I pride myself in making transparent pedals that will not color or alter your guitar tone that you have worked thus far to achieve. All pedals are true-bypass with LED indication. Every pedal is handmade in Texas, by me, from start to finish.

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