Black Lung
Burnt Orange Lung Black Lung

Distortion for Guitar & BassShare This Pedal On Facebook

The Black Lung is a distortion that works well with rock, blues, or country, depending on the placement of your Gain knob. It has a beautiful thick, rich, and creamy sound to it, but is still ballsy enough to cut through the mix. With the Black Lung you can get that killer solo or perfect lead tone with out having to stack it with other pedals. The Black Lung is very amp-like with its responsive feel and great natural sustain.

$150 + S&H

Features & Specifications
  • Volume Knob
  • Tone Knob
  • Gain Knob
  • 1/4" Input & Outputs
  • Orange LED
  • 9V DC Power Input (*no internal battery)

Kris Farrow demonstrates his Fat Penguin, Miss Turpentine & Black Lung.

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